Emgie Libris
Books made by hand.

The Books

Durable. Flexible. Customizable. Reused material whenever possible. Useful and beautiful. Made by hand.

The Passport

Lists help. We make them to keep our lives together. They make order out of chaos and productivity out of lethargy. We make them in order to destroy them. Cross things off. Move forward.

The Designer

You have ideas. They come when you least expect them. The moment before you fall asleep. On a train in the middle of nowhere. During a meeting when you're supposed to be paying attention. They are your best ideas and you can't lose them.

The Artist

Follow-through is a rare thing. The time. The patience. The energy devoted to finishing what you've started. It takes effort, but that doesn't go unnoticed. You earn something and you get a little stronger. Your tool set gets a little bigger. Your confidence grows.


Colors. Materials. Lined, blank, or graph paper. Stitching. The details make the difference.

Mail Order

Order any book and we'll mail it right to your home or store.


StudioWe make books. We make books by hand. One-by-one. We focus on the details. We cut the paper. We stitch the binding. We glue the covers. We trim the corners. We source our materials locally whenever possible. We use deadstock. Leftovers. The stuff that others throw away without thinking. We do all of this because we think craft matters. Quality matters. The details matter. Where stuff comes from matters. And in the end it makes a better product. Something with a story. A built-in history. Personality. A book you can be proud to own. A book we made by hand.


We are proud to be sold around the world.

United States

Ada's Technical Books
Seattle, WA

Shop Good
Oklahoma City, OK

Upstairs at Pierre LaFond
Montecito, CA

Old Souls
Cold Spring, NY

ICA Boston
Boston, MA

New York City

In God We Trust

Personnel of New York
West Village



Better than Jam

Kinfolk Studios

The One Well


Goose Barnacle
Carroll Gardens

Grand Street Bakery

In God We Trust
Greenpoint, Williamsburg

Kill Devil Hill


Journal Standard
Osaka and Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Autralia

Osaka, Japan

Interested in carrying our books in your store? Contact us and we'd be glad to get to work.


Your idea + our hands = custom books.



Whether you'd like to say hello, ask us a question or give us some feedback, we'd love to hear from you. There's no receptionist screening
our calls, so when you contact us your message goes right to the source. Or possibly to our voicemail. Either way, we're looking forward to it.

Quick Details

CALL: 206.388.9950

MAIL: Crane Arts Old School, 1417 N 2nd St. #3O, Philadelphia, PA 19122

EMAIL: info@emgielibris.com